Sunday, 3 March 2013


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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Terms and Condtions

1) No backing out of the orders once confirmed.

2) Pay at least 80% of the total cost for orders to be made.

3) Orders will only be made after payment is received.

4) All prices are inclusive of shipment fee.

5) Items may differ a bit from the picture.

6) Goods sold are not refundable.

7) If you have any questions, please email to

Friday, 1 March 2013

Collection of items

There are three modes of collection:

1) By registered mail
-Customers will have to pay for the registered postage fee.
-Generally, customers will be asked to pay for the registered postage fee. If the postage fee is lower, the extra payment will be refunded.
-Registered postage will only be sent weekly.

2) By normal mail
-Customers will have to pay for the postage fee.
-Normal mail will only be sent weekly

3) Meet up
-Meet up will only be done at either Bukit Panjang Plaza or Chua Chu Kang MRT station.
-We will only wait for a maximum 15 minutes for the customers
-Customers who are late are expected to collect during the next meet up.
-Customers are entitled to a maximum of 3 meet-ups. Failure to collect the items by the 3rd meet up,we will deem the customers as uninterested in the items and will resell them as instocks.

4) Items have to be collected or sent out within 1 month. If customers failed to collect, the items will be sold as instocks as they are deemed not to be interested in the items anymore.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Order form

This is the order form template for all orders. Please email to to place your orders.

Contact number:
Item code:
Design(if applicable): 
Total price:
Preferred mode of collection: Self-collection/Normal Mail/Registered mail
POSB savings account(for refund purposes):  

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Doraemon wallets and coin purse

Item code: Wallet 1
Description: The interior of the wallet is either black or blue color. In my opinion, cannot put too many cards inside as it will be hard to close the wallet.
Size: 19*9.5*3
Price: S$15

Item code: Wallet 2
Description:There is card slot and also coin slot. Can put more cards inside too.
Price: S$14
Item code: Wallet 3
Description: You can put more cards in this wallet
Size: Length: 18cm Width: 9cm
Price: S$10
Item code: Coin Purse 1
Description: Made of metal Quality is good.
Size: Diameter of 7cm
Price: S$8

Doraemon accessories

Item code: Handphone Pouch 2
Description:There are 2 designs, please choose either one. Can fit iphone 4 perfectly. However, if iphone 5, if there is a handphone cover, it can only zip up until the top part of the iphone 5.
Size: 13.5*7.5
Price: S$4

Item code: Handphone pouch 1
Description: It can fit iphone 5 perfectly. In my opinion, is a very ideal pouch for iphone owners. Fit best with iphones. not sure about other models though.
Size: 9*13.5
Price: S$7
Item code: Dust cover
Description: For iphones only. Cannot choose design. Please order if you are ok with all the designs. =) Size: 2-3cm length
Price: S$3

Item code: Iphone 5 cover
Description: Iphone 5 cover. There are 4 designs, please inform the design that you want after you choose. In my opinion, this cover is hardy and should be able to prevent scratches or minimize damages when dropped.
Price: S$13

Spectacles/ Contact lens accessories

Item code: Specs 1
Description: To contain spectacles
Price: S$10

Item code: Contact lens cover
Description: White colour. Good for travelling use.
Price: S$4

Item code: Spectacles 2
Description: Can use to wipe spectacles or other things.
Size: 14.5cm long
Price: S$3

Card cover

Item code: Card cover 1
Description: Can contain ez link card and easy to find in a bag. Got a cute doraemon keychain at the side too.
Size: 7*11.5cm
Price: S$3

Item code: Card cover 2
Description: Can contain ez link card and easy to find in a bag. Got a cute doraemon keychain at the side too.
Size: 7*11.5cm
Price: S$3

For school

Item code: Notebook 1
Description: Inside are all doraemon images.
Size: 13.8*21
Price: S$4.50

Item code: Pencil Box 3
Description: Both sides have the same design. There are 2 designs. Please specify the design when ordering(top or bottom design). Can be used as pencil box or put cosmetic. =)
Size: 20.5*8.5*5
Price: S$8

Item code: Light 1
Description: It is LED light. Good for writing in the night. In my opinion, the light is bright. Just have to use USB to charge and can use 8hours each time. The switch is quite easy to use. Just touch and it will switch on.
Size: Light- 11* 17
Price: S$20

Gift ideas

Item code: Tissue paper
Description: Contain tissue paper inside. The cover can be reused! If choose to buy 1, cannot choose the design. If buy 7, will give 1 secret design as a gift.
Size: 12.5*8.5
Price: 1 for S$1, 7 for $6

Item code:Red packet 1
Description: There are 20 pieces in a packet. This is small red packet design. Very worth the money
Price: S$3

Item code:Watch 1
Description: The watch looks class and does not look too immature for the adult. Can use it for couple watch.  There are 5 colours. Please specify the colour that you want.
Price: 1 for S$28, 2 for S$50

Item code:Toy 1
Description: Interesting toy. The doraemon will jump once activated. There are 2 design, please choose either 1.
Size: 6.5*9.5
Price: S$2 each

Item code: Keychain 1
Description: Can use it to contain keys or other things. In my opinion, the designs are very exquisite and looks very class. There are 4 designs, please specify in order form.
Size: about 8-10cm
Price: S$5 each
Item code: Keychain
Description: 6 different expression keychains. Please choose your designs.
Size: 3cm long
Price: S$3 each
Item code: Hat
Description: Very cute. It is an adult hat. Can prevent coldness too.
Size: 32cm
Price: S$5


Item code: Organizer 1 
Description:It is very thick and withstand heavy weight 
Size: 20.8*73 

Item code:Organizer 2 
Description:It is made of plastic and is waterproof. Can be put in bathroom