Thursday, 3 January 2013

For school

Item code: Notebook 1
Description: Inside are all doraemon images.
Size: 13.8*21
Price: S$4.50

Item code: Pencil Box 3
Description: Both sides have the same design. There are 2 designs. Please specify the design when ordering(top or bottom design). Can be used as pencil box or put cosmetic. =)
Size: 20.5*8.5*5
Price: S$8

Item code: Light 1
Description: It is LED light. Good for writing in the night. In my opinion, the light is bright. Just have to use USB to charge and can use 8hours each time. The switch is quite easy to use. Just touch and it will switch on.
Size: Light- 11* 17
Price: S$20

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