Thursday, 3 January 2013

Doraemon accessories

Item code: Handphone Pouch 2
Description:There are 2 designs, please choose either one. Can fit iphone 4 perfectly. However, if iphone 5, if there is a handphone cover, it can only zip up until the top part of the iphone 5.
Size: 13.5*7.5
Price: S$4

Item code: Handphone pouch 1
Description: It can fit iphone 5 perfectly. In my opinion, is a very ideal pouch for iphone owners. Fit best with iphones. not sure about other models though.
Size: 9*13.5
Price: S$7
Item code: Dust cover
Description: For iphones only. Cannot choose design. Please order if you are ok with all the designs. =) Size: 2-3cm length
Price: S$3

Item code: Iphone 5 cover
Description: Iphone 5 cover. There are 4 designs, please inform the design that you want after you choose. In my opinion, this cover is hardy and should be able to prevent scratches or minimize damages when dropped.
Price: S$13

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