Thursday, 3 January 2013

Gift ideas

Item code: Tissue paper
Description: Contain tissue paper inside. The cover can be reused! If choose to buy 1, cannot choose the design. If buy 7, will give 1 secret design as a gift.
Size: 12.5*8.5
Price: 1 for S$1, 7 for $6

Item code:Red packet 1
Description: There are 20 pieces in a packet. This is small red packet design. Very worth the money
Price: S$3

Item code:Watch 1
Description: The watch looks class and does not look too immature for the adult. Can use it for couple watch.  There are 5 colours. Please specify the colour that you want.
Price: 1 for S$28, 2 for S$50

Item code:Toy 1
Description: Interesting toy. The doraemon will jump once activated. There are 2 design, please choose either 1.
Size: 6.5*9.5
Price: S$2 each

Item code: Keychain 1
Description: Can use it to contain keys or other things. In my opinion, the designs are very exquisite and looks very class. There are 4 designs, please specify in order form.
Size: about 8-10cm
Price: S$5 each
Item code: Keychain
Description: 6 different expression keychains. Please choose your designs.
Size: 3cm long
Price: S$3 each
Item code: Hat
Description: Very cute. It is an adult hat. Can prevent coldness too.
Size: 32cm
Price: S$5

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