Friday, 1 March 2013

Collection of items

There are three modes of collection:

1) By registered mail
-Customers will have to pay for the registered postage fee.
-Generally, customers will be asked to pay for the registered postage fee. If the postage fee is lower, the extra payment will be refunded.
-Registered postage will only be sent weekly.

2) By normal mail
-Customers will have to pay for the postage fee.
-Normal mail will only be sent weekly

3) Meet up
-Meet up will only be done at either Bukit Panjang Plaza or Chua Chu Kang MRT station.
-We will only wait for a maximum 15 minutes for the customers
-Customers who are late are expected to collect during the next meet up.
-Customers are entitled to a maximum of 3 meet-ups. Failure to collect the items by the 3rd meet up,we will deem the customers as uninterested in the items and will resell them as instocks.

4) Items have to be collected or sent out within 1 month. If customers failed to collect, the items will be sold as instocks as they are deemed not to be interested in the items anymore.

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